On-Demand Support

When you're part of the Dwell community, you've always got us on call. Using Hemp oils effectively can require some guidance and we are more than happy to provide that. Send us a text, call us, or email us anytime. We'd love to be part of your Dwell moment. 

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Your First Serving
Dwell oils are potent and versatile, but it is important to find the optimal serving size for your endocannabinoid system and use case. When you first try an oil, start with a moderate serving (1/2 of a dropper, or ~20 mg of cannabinoids) and see how it affects you. You will likely feel the full effects within 45 minutes. Generally, the effects will be most noticeable when you need relief - when you are stressed, in pain, having trouble falling asleep, etc. You can gauge from that first serving whether you would like to use more or less the next time you take it.
Serving Sizes
Larger servings tend to be more calming, so use more before you go to sleep to help you last through the night. Smaller servings can be slightly stimulating and thus better for during the day. Most users use a serving between 1/4 and a full dropper. 
We selected our oils because they have a long duration of relief. Be sure to hold for a full minute under your tongue before you swallow the oil so that you get the best absorption. The vein under your tongue and the lining in your mouth allows the active compounds to get into your bloodstream more quickly and fully.
Drug Interactions
If you are on any medication that recommends avoiding grapefruit than hemp oils may also interact with that medication. Please consult with your doctor on this.