We started Dwell because the stress and demands of our modern lives were wearing on us. We discovered that hemp oils calmed our stress, enhanced our sleep and renewed our bodies. But we had trouble finding high-quality oils that were easy to use. So, we founded Dwell to bring that feeling of balance and peace that we had grown to love to everyone. 
~Tommy, Aimy, Byron, Brad, Justin, Rachael and Ben

Supporting the Planet


We can't have healthy bodies and minds without a healthy environment. Dwell is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. 

Supporting the Arts

Healthy leisure and creative pursuits are crucial for a happy, balanced life. To embody that, our bottles have custom illustrations which change with every batch. Our current illustrations were drawn by the very talented Jenna Bouma. Jenna creates beautiful tattoos via the mindful stick and poke method.